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Saturday, April 02, 2005
Geneva is where they make watches, right?

(emphasis mine)
During the interrogation, Army prosecutors claim [Major General] Mowhoush was put headfirst into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord and knocked down before the soldiers sat and stood on him, prosecutors said. The cause of death was determined to be suffocation.

The defendants — Chief Warrant Officers Lewis Welshofer and Jefferson Williams, Sgt. 1st Class William Sommer and Spc. Jerry Loper — have all denied wrongdoing, saying commanders had sanctioned their actions.

According to the transcript, witnesses said **others had also beaten Mowhoush** days before the Army interrogation. Their names and agencies were blacked out.

Col. David A. Teeples, the men's commander, said during the closed hearing: "My thought was that the death of Mowhoush was brought about by .... (blacked out) and then it was unfortunate and accidental, what had happened under an interrogation by our people."
First Point - Howhoush was not an insurgent. He was a General of the Iraqi Army. If any prisoner was ever entitled to POW status, this guy was.

Second Point
- Clearly the General was beaten by others, in another agency, in the days prior. But only the Army grunts are going to trial. Why do the we continue to play along with the myth that such techniques were the product of a few bad apples and not mandated from on high?

Third Point - Am I mistaken to interpret the CO's remarks as defending the practices of his soldiers?

...headfirst into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord and knocked down before the soldiers sat and stood on him = Death "was unfortunate and accidental..."

Why the fuck is Col. David A. Teeples not on trial?

Troll repellent: I am not condemning troops. I am commenting on the obviously condoned policies of torture that were scripted somewhere higher than Col. Teeples. And if you want to say that I am helping the enemy, go fuck yourself. I am helping to keep your grandkids from being blown up in 30 years by a suicide bomber with a tatoo on his chest of a hooded prisoner, standing on a milk crate, with wires attached.
The Red Lake Shootings, again
The latest stories show that far from being a loner as initially reported, Jeff Weise may have had lots of help and input for his final act. Investigators now believe that up to 20 students may have been involved, including the son of the tribal chairman.

The media has tried really hard to play up the similarities between this tragedy and Columbine. Apparently, it's important to sell the story that Jeff was just like the two twisted upper-middle-class kids who did that one. Weise has been described as:

  1. Isolated. Well, apparently, not really.

  2. Bullied. This kid was huge. Highly unlikely.

  3. Nazi. He posted on a Nazi board for several months; mostly exploring the "race separation" angle.

  4. Goth. I haven't seen anything to discredit this yet, but I see lots of Goth kids every day, and it seems to me that it is mostly an outlet for adolescent angst.

One thing that I've seen nothing about is the huge risk factor of being native American and living on a reservation. About a year ago I was in Bismarck on business and made the acquiantance of a gentleman who was a high school teacher on a reservation near there. We talked about a lot of things, but two points he made come back to me now:
  1. The suicide rate among young native American males is very, very high.

  2. Never, ever leave your car on the res over night if you're an outsider.

At first glance, these points might seem unrelated, but they're not. Both of them are symptoms of rage and despair. Jeff Weise did what many, many other young native American males do; he committed suicide:

Image hosted by

I guess that's not news.

The unusual thing was that he took a bunch of folks with him. And we can talk about Nazis. And Goth stuff. Now that's news.
Friday, April 01, 2005
Mmmmm. Yummy Friday Cat Logging.

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There's a pattern.

Several of the stories in the news recently show a clear pattern for the Bush administration. They have these ideas, see? They just know that they're true, but it's awfully hard to convince people of their total trueness.

So they need facts. Not just regular facts, but really, really good, nuclear bomb facts that will simply vaporize all the opposing facts. And they need to make sure that any opposing facts that survive their bright, glorious, nuclear facts are horrible, left-wing, America-hating facts that don't even deserve a hearing because they're so horrible, America-hating and, well, just wrong.

2000: They know that invading Iraq and removing Saddam was the right thing to do. Freedom and oil are like macaroni and cheese. They were meant to go together, right? But the People aren't convinced.

Nuclear fact time! Crank up a new "Office of Special Plans" to produce: WMD's! Links to al Qaeda! Even links to 9/11! What's that? You say that those facts aren't supported by the evidence? That there may be terrible, long-term consequences to an Iraq adventure? You must be a fringe leftist. You hate America.

Why, why, you even appear to be French.

2005: They know that Social Security is an unworkable system. It can't possibly work; why it's practically Communist and everybody knows that Communism doesn't work. Social Security has to be stopped before seventy years of successful operation lulls people into thinking of it as an institution. But the People aren't convinced.

Time for some more nuclear facts! Social Security is in crisis! It could collapse at any moment! Soon! Really! The economy under Private accounts will grow and grow and grow, and everyone will be rich! If we keep Social Security as it is, then the economy will stagnate, it will rain all of the time, the government will collapse and you will all die poor and hungry. In the mud. And speaking French.

What!? You have questions? You pinko! You're a security risk
---hey, you cops over there--get these people away from the President! There's no telling what they might do!

Now, you might think that this is all just cynical manipulation by an Administration that wants what it wants, and doesn't care about its methods, as long as it wins. Well, you would be wrong. Bush really believes that the things he wants are true and right and good, and supported by facts.

If not by these facts here, which have been discredited by people who hate him, then by those facts over there--hey, somebody--get me some more facts, pronto! He really believes that any information that contradicts his ideas is false; and not just false, but an attack on him and on America. Contradicting information is never an attempt to get at the truth of a matter; it is lies; it is out of bounds, and he won't listen to it. Period.

Maybe you think I'm kidding a bit, this being April 1. But I'm not.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Freeper Quote of the Day

From a thread titled: Neo-Nazis Kill Terri Schiavo

"There are already millions of unborn children being murdered each year - Have we forgotten 9/11?"
(post #15)
As a courtesy

Some links to Actual news today. Sigh.

Report: Iraq intelligence 'dead wrong'
Bush Names Cheney Kin to Legal Post
Wolfowitz set for World Bank post
Wall Street lower amid new data, oil
Iraq Suicide Blasts Claim 10

The bread and circuses continue.
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
*This* is "What's the matter with Kansas"


Rumors of War

Norm Olson, senior adviser to the Michigan militia and pastor of a strong right-to-life church in Wolverine, said Tuesday he had put together an unarmed coalition of state militias that were prepared to storm the Florida hospice where Terri Schiavo has been left to die, and take her to a safe house.

Olson said he needed only the OK from Schiavo's father, Robert Schindler, either directly or through his attorney David Gibbs, to put the plan, called "Operation Resurrection," into action on Sunday.

UPDATE (via AmericaBlog)

And even more...


by: jeredbrower (M/the Deep South) 03/30/05 06:34 pm
Msg: 410841 of 413679
1 recommendation

I am in a National Guard unit out of Clearwater,FL and Jeb has called us up for a internal security matter. I have to report by 2000 tonight.
Real news.
Every now and then, real information makes its way through the bread-and-circuses kabuki window that so many Americans view the world through. For example, on the CNN homepage this morning we observe the obligatory, breathless reporting of the Schindlers’ ten-thousandth legal appeal, which the 11th Circuit has agreed to hear. Later today or tomorrow, CNN will be dominated by accounts of whatever stupid-ass fantasy their lawyer has cooked up this time. Either that, or by reports of Terri’s passing, which can’t be far off.

But on the sidebar of the page is an actual news item. It's only there for an hour or so before it disappears. It's in an unassuming font, tastefully placed in the middle of the bullet list of “secondary’ news stories:

Report: Darfur death toll may be 300,000

Just above this, we are informed that Jerry Falwell is in critical condition. He has pneumonia, but is expected to recover. Thank you, Jesus. Below, we note that Mary Cheney, well known and openly gay but nevertheless somehow heartlessly outed by John Kerry, has inked a contract for her memoirs. Also, we see that Joan Kennedy has fallen and she can’t get up. By the way, did you know she was a boozer? Those stories are still there, so you can click on them yourself. Let’s return to that other, briefly appearing and now disappeared bullet, shall we?

Report: Darfur death toll may be 300,000

If you recall, we invaded Iraq in order to liberate their oppressed people. If you think there may have been other reasons, well, you’re just remembering it wrong. There was never any other reason. 300,000 is a big number. We assisted, and then mounted a feeble coffee boycott against, Idi Amin, who killed the same number. We later arranged for his retirement in Saudi Arabia.

We assisted, then removed, Saddam Hussein, who killed the same number. We will soon supervise his trial and inevitable execution. We created, and then started two wars because of, Osama bin Laden, who has killed considerably fewer. Unfortunately, he’s probably not done yet(I wonder whose fault that is?). To be fair though, the television coverage of his most notable killings was much better, so they count more.

Report: Darfur death toll may be 300,000

So what should the US reaction to this be? Invasion? Sanctions? Boycott? Trial and Conviction of the guilty? No. You know the answer. You can go back to watching TV, now.
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
A little quiz.

How many of these names do you know? To read the answers, select the very light yellow text after the questions, between the asterisks.

Terri Schiavo
Michael Schiavo
Bob Schindler
Mary Schindler
George Greer
James Whittemore
George Felos
David Gibbs

Anthony Federov
Nadia Turner
Scott Savol
Carrie Underwood
Nikko Smith

Ok, how many did you recognize in the first group?** Of course; the Schiavo circus.**

How about the second group?** American Idol finalists.**

Part 2: Another list of names

Mike Fiscus
Brett Hershey
Mike Hiester
Norm Snyder
Lee Godbolt
Isiah Sinclair
Bryan Richardson
Travis Bruce
Kevin Smith
Francisco Martinez
Paul Thomason
Lee Lewis
Jon Hughes


Sam Lee
Chuck Wells
Eric Toth
Ken Ridgley

How did you do?** US soldiers killed since Terri's feeding tube was pulled.**
Teenage Hormones, Bad Driving and War

When I was 16 years old, I was driving along while my girlfriend was rubbing the back of my neck. (No, really!)

Being the hormonal putz that I was, I pulled out onto a very busy street during rush hour without looking left and almost killed the both of us when a very large '70s era Ford T-boned my mom's pissant Dodge Colt at about 40 MPH. Our little car was spun around 3 or 4 times, bounced up a curb and ended up with the front bumper propped 3 feet up a telephone pole. The impact had been so severe that the gas, brake and clutch pedals were in front of the passenger seat. My head whipped sideways and cracked out the driver's window safety glass. (I found shards of glass on my pillow several months later. Yech!)

I can count on one hand the number of times that I truly came very close to being killed. This incident is near the top. Fortunately, my girlfriend, the driver of the other car and I all walked away.

My parents were pissed. I had to go to court where the case was ultimately dropped when the other driver did not show up. In all, it was a major clusterfuck that could have been a whole lot worse.

But.... after a month, my parents bought another, somewhat newer, still a piece of crap, used car.

Was it worth almost dying to get that new vehicle? Hell no! However its eventually purchase was a perfectly predictable outcome.

So, you will have to pardon me if I don't get up on the table and do a little dance every time there is encouraging news out of Iraq. Tens of thousands have died and many more have been maimed. Encouraging anarchy has now become the official US position on Middle East policy if the country in question is not Saudi Arabia. (It seems our brilliant leaders have no better ideas.) And the political situation in Iraq, while certainly more democratic than under Saddam, is so wacked out, that they cannot even hold a damned session of the new assembly without banishing the media and blacking out the video and audio feeds while the newly elected officials go nuts.

Yes, there just might be a better situation in Iraq in 2 or 10 years.... Maybe. It seems like a potential outcome. Regardless, this whole endeavor still is a great big giant clusterfuck.

... only Junior doesn't have his teenage libido to blame.
Don't click on this link.

You'll just encourage them.

Sorry for the absence

The best healthcare system in the world [/sarcasm] has kept me bottled up for the past 3 days.
For your listening, um, pleasure.

I guess Gloria Jane is the right's answer to Pete Seeger or Bob Dylan. Feast your ears on these timeless gems:

America's Shame 2005
Terri Schiavo
Seems Like Our Press Has Turned Agaist Our Country
Democrats Stop Playing Your Block and Blame Game

...and that blockbuster smash,

The Liberal Carter Years


Monday, March 28, 2005
Red medical facts
Definitely a different reality here:

"..."She's weaker but she's still trying to talk," Vitadamo said.

"I will tell you this, the look on her face is, 'Please help me.' ...She's fighting, she's struggling, and does this sound like someone who wants to die? I don't think so."

...Conservative Christian activist Rev. Patrick Mahoney said the fact that Schiavo has survived since the removal of the tube indicates that she wants to appear before the House Government Reform Committee..."

I swear I'm not making this up.
So, why did we invade Iraq, again?
If the shifting justifications for our continuing misadventure in Mesopotamia are leaving you puzzled, this should add some clarity:

Image hosted by

Any questions?
The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades

The CNN propaganda team is getting a bit sloppy. They put out an article today on Mrs.Schiavo headed by this picture:

Image hosted by

Babeolicious! Too obvious, you say? It gets even better. In the body of the article is this gem describing an interruption of Randall Terry's news conference:
"... -- members of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades seized control of the microphones and blasted Terry as a "Christian fascist thug" trying to interfere in "the most intimate affairs of life and death."

"[Terri Schiavo's] brain is not functional. It's not going to recover. Let her die in peace," pleaded Sunsari Taylor, a member of the group."
Fascinating. The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades. Just the sort of name that someone who lost touch with reality back in the 1970's might use to create a pop-up foil for various events...(remainder snipped as no longer applicable. Too bad, it was pretty good, just not right.)

Late update: After MUCH digging, it turns out that CNN got the name of Sunsara Taylor and the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (no 's') wrong. They're for real, believe it or not. CNN has also heavily edited their original article and removed all reference to the incident. Hmm.
(Thanks to TPM for the tip)
Sunday, March 27, 2005
Those awful left wing America haters

Look! They're at it again. They should thank their stars that they live in a country that allows them to hate the way they do and practice all of their God and Family hating beliefs....oh, wait.

Never mind.

Image hosted by
Happy Easter!

Image hosted by
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